Following Johnny’s death in 2004, an 8-foot-tall bronze memorial statue was erected in his honor at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.

The base of the statue includes inscriptions from some of Johnny’s closest friends

The aforementioned include Eddie Vedder, Lisa-Marie Presley, Rob Zombie, John Frusciante, Vincent Gallo and Johnny’s wife Linda Ramone, who oversees Johnny’s estate and works diligently to help preserve and protect the music of the Ramones.

In the 10 years since his passing, the statue has become a place for fans to gather and remember the rock icon and the birthplace of the yearly “Johnny Ramone Tribute” event. Linda Ramone built the event throughout the years . Johnny’s strength endures and his popularity with young and old alike remains timeless and immortal – just like the music and aesthetic he created with the legendary Ramones. Proceeds Benefit the Johnny and Linda Foundation and Dr. David Agus at the Center for Applied Medicine, The Keck School of Medecine.



The Johnny and Linda Ramone Foundation is a public, 501c3 organization that benefits the causes that were prevalent in Johnny’s life when he was with us. The foundation supports other charitable endeavors with a focus on cancer research. The mission of the foundation is to provide funds to organizations that improve, enhance, and extend the lives of all that they touch. Beneficiaries of the the Johnny and Linda Ramone Foundation include the ongoing cancer research being conducted by Johnny’s doctor, Dr. David Agus at the Keck School of Medicine at USC.

About Dr. David B. Agus:


Dr. David B. Agus is one of the world’s leading cancer doctors and pioneering biomedical researchers. Over the past twenty years, he has received acclaim for his innovations in medicine and contributions to new technologies, which continue to change the perception of health and empower people around the world to maintain healthy lives, longer. Dr. Agus has built a reputation for his unique way of viewing the body’s relationship to health and disease. He explains, “Sometimes you have to go to war to understand peace. My work in the cancer war has taught me a lot about all things health-related, much of which goes against conventional wisdom.”

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