Mar 22 2017
03 22 2017

Available exclusively for Record Store Day on April 22, 2017, RAMONES: SINGLES BOX contains replicas of 10 classic Ramones US 7″ singles from 1980 and earlier, authentically reproduced with Sire labels and

Sep 20 2016
09 20 2016

On Friday, September 16, “Hey Ho! Let’s Go! Ramones and the Birth of Punk” opened its second exhibition leg at the Grammy Museum. The opening was celebrated with a fascinating

Sep 07 2016
09 07 2016

Head over to NOW to listen to an exclusive stream of the 40th Anniversary Mono Mix of RAMONES, the band’s debut album. “The earliest mixes of the album were

Aug 25 2016
08 25 2016

Linda Ramone, Billy Idol, Seymour Stein, Shepard Fairey, And Monte A. Melnick To Appear At The Museum Opening Night For Special Evening Program LOS ANGELES (Aug. 25, 2016) — Following

Ramones 40th Anniversary Logo WHITE 2016
Aug 24 2016
08 24 2016

Rhino Entertainment has created a new microsite at to celebrate the 40th anniversary edition release of RAMONES. At the site, you can share your memories about the Ramones, connect with fans around

NEW YORK - 1994: Johnny Ramone (R) and wife Linda pose for a photo during fashion week in 1994 in New York City, New York. (Photo by Catherine McGann/Getty Images)
Aug 20 2016
08 20 2016

Read the original story here.  It’s 40 years since the Ramones’ debut album arrived, blasting off with Blitzkrieg Bop’s immortal rallying cry “Hey ho, let’s go!” Fast, furious, fresh and

Aug 08 2016
08 08 2016

Read the post at Brooklyn Vegan The US edition of the annual Cassette Store Day happens October 8, 2016 this year. The initial list of releases includes the Ramones‘ classic

Aug 05 2016
08 05 2016

Read the original story at Forbes. To Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins it’s no surprise that 40 years after they changed the face of punk music, Queens, New York’s favorite

Jul 29 2016
07 29 2016

Read the article at The Guardian. Click here to order your copy of the 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. Forty years ago this month, the Ramones played their first British gigs

Jul 27 2016
07 27 2016

With a heritage that stretches all the way back to 1853, Levi’s isn’t exactly short on history. The brand has introduced some of the most iconic jeans the world has

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Jul 26 2016
07 26 2016

The 2016 Johnny Ramone Tribute was Sunday, July 24 at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. If you’ve ever gone to an event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, chances are you’ve stopped by Johnny

Jul 15 2016
07 15 2016

Read the full story at Entertainment Weekly. Archie is timeless, so it only makes sense that he and his friends would also be adept at time travel. In this fall’s

Jul 06 2016
07 06 2016

Buy tickets to the 2016 Johnny Ramone Tribute here: Henry Rollins, John Doe & Steve Jones are coming together to celebrate the life and legacy of the one and only Johnny Ramone

Jun 01 2016
06 01 2016

****A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM LINDA RAMONE*** Hey! Ho! Lets Go! To the where?…The Johnny Ramone Tribute! Celebrating The Ramones 40th Anniversary held at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on July 24th.Have the time

Apr 25 2016
04 25 2016

Major League Baseball (baseball being one of Johnny’s favorite things in life) stopped by the Queens Museum to chat with Linda Ramone and Mickey Leigh about the Ramones. This is

Apr 22 2016
04 22 2016

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ramones’ self-titled debut album, we created a mixtape featuring Ramones, artists who’ve been influenced by the Ramones and a few other surprises. Listen now.

Apr 08 2016
04 08 2016

Are you hitting up the Ramones 40th Anniversary Retrospective at the Queens Museum? Play the scavenger hunt by taking pictures and uploading to your Instagram with #Ramones40 and send copies

Apr 08 2016
04 08 2016

Punk rock started in 1976 on New York’s Bowery, when four cretins from Queens came up with a mutant strain of blitzkrieg bubblegum. The revolution they inspired split the history

Ian DickinsonRamones
Apr 08 2016
04 08 2016

The New York borough of Queens is reclaiming the legacy of four native sons of Forest Hills – Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy – with a Ramones exhibition that

Apr 08 2016
04 08 2016

Linda Ramone stopped by Good Day New York before the opening of the Ramones Exhibit at the Queens Museum. The retrospective opens to the public on April 10 at 4

Bob Santelli, Seymour Stein, Linda Ramone, John Doe, and David Fricke at SXSW
Mar 21 2016
03 21 2016

Read the original article by Hilary Hughes at   As a lanky dude with a blunt bob and eye-shrouding bangs, David Fricke is one of the more recognizable rock

Feb 04 2016
02 04 2016

Read the full article at the NYTimes. On April 10 the Queens Museum will present “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go: Ramones and the Birth of Punk,” a retrospective exhibition that will

Jan 05 2016
01 05 2016

“While ’70s rock gods like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd filled their songs with ever expanding guitar solos, Ramones packed 14 songs in under 30 minutes.” – CNN on the band’s debut

Dec 30 2015
12 30 2015

“Our songs just came from a space of pure rock influence. They had to be simple. We were forced to play that way because of our limited musical skills.” –Johnny

Dec 23 2015
12 23 2015

“Straight from Johnny motorheading his way through the intro chords of the opener ‘Cretin Hop’, right through to the final dying refrain of the closer ‘Why Is It Always This

Dec 11 2015
12 11 2015

“When I started, I believed that if you were good in this business, you would succeed, But it doesn’t work that way. It’s the bands who get this promotion, this

Dec 07 2015
12 07 2015

“Along came Joey, Johnny, Tommy and Dee Dee, four guys from Queens with a passion for short, loud and fast songs with great hooks. They altered their first names, and

Nov 30 2015
11 30 2015

“No matter how hard you work, the least you can do is give back a moment of your time. That meant signing everything whenever I could, and I never got

Nov 26 2015
11 26 2015

“Later it would weigh on us when we’d see our opening acts become huge the next year, and they weren’t even any good.” –Johnny Ramone

Nov 25 2015
11 25 2015

“At first it was easy, because we had more time… we were doing nothing. We’d just play CBGB’s once a month and hang out for four weeks, but now we’re

Nov 20 2015
11 20 2015

“The idea was to stay relaxed, because if I wasn’t relaxed, I was going to worry, and then I would sweat. So I tried to always stay under control. I

Nov 18 2015
11 18 2015

“The speed is pure Johnny. Johnny was a fastball pitcher. And the speed was his virtuosity. We were looking for short songs because we wanted to bring back the original

Nov 09 2015
11 09 2015

“It wasn’t until much later on, when people like Rob Zombie and Kirk Hammett started saying how important the Ramones were to them and influenced them—you just don’t know the

Nov 04 2015
11 04 2015

“This one has one great song after another, most of them written between our first and second albums. It has just the right balance of slow songs, ballads, and rockers.”

Oct 19 2015
10 19 2015

“We weren’t artists or anything so we wrote about simple things that we could relate to.” –Johnny Ramone   Thoughts? Sound off in the comments.   Photo of Johnny Ramone

Oct 07 2015
10 07 2015

Johnny Ramone grew to love his birthday. We would have parties at the Ramones Ranch all the time with great friends. He was the life of the party and was

Aug 24 2015
08 24 2015

Hello to you all. It’s been an amazing ten years of Johnny Ramone Tributes at Hollywood Forever, home of Johnny’s statue, a must see. Each tribute was very special and Johnny

Jan 08 2015
01 08 2015

1A: Best Ballplayers of The Nineties Greg Maddux Roger Clemens Barry Bonds Ken Griffey, Jr. Mark McGwire Jeff Bagwell Mike Piazza Craig Biggio Tom Glavine Sammy Sosa 1B: Best Ballplayers

Dec 30 2014
12 30 2014

Legendary rock publicist Danny Fields is the subject of a new documentary titled Danny Says, directed by Brendan Toller (I Need That Record!). Fields, who a New York Times article

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Dec 09 2014
12 09 2014

Linda Ramone is in the studio at KTTV in L.A. to talk about the 10th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute. Watch the Video Here:…

SANTA MONICA - AUGUST 1976: (L-R) Johnny Ramone, Tommy Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone and Joey Ramone of the rock and roll band "The Ramones" pose for a  in Los Angeles, California in August of 1976. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)
Sep 03 2014
09 03 2014

Fate was not kind to the Ramones. The Queens foursome played a pivotal role in the development of punk rock (and really most popular music of the past 40 years),

Aug 27 2014
08 27 2014

The Johnny Ramone tribute at Hollywood Forever Cemetery has become a tradition. This past Sunday marked the tenth annual event honoring the late guitarist. In a marathon celebration that began

Aug 24 2014
08 24 2014
Aug 14 2014
08 14 2014

Sunday 8/24 Ramones fans will gather at Hollywood Forever to celebrate Johnny’s life at the 10th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute. Hosted by Rob Zombie, along with Johnny’s friends Steve Jones

Jul 19 2014
07 19 2014

Buy tickets for the 10th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute now: Join Slim Jim, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Rob Zombie, Fred Armisen, Duff McKagan, Linda Ramone, and more at

Apr 20 2012
04 20 2012

One night a few years after the Ramones broke up, the guitarist Johnny Ramone was driving his Cadillac in Los Angeles. A surprised fan yelled, “How are you a punk

Apr 08 2012
04 08 2012

Throughout the brisk “Commando,” the late Johnny Ramone expresses his admiration for John Wayne, baseball, old horror movies, the New York City Police Department, American beer and American cars, particularly

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Feb 12 2011
02 12 2011

The Ramones Family accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award at Special Merit Awards. Watch the video here:

(1977) RAMONES - Rocket to Russia
Jan 01 2011
01 01 2011

The middle section of Simon Reynolds’ recent (and excellent) Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to its Own Past explores the idea that nostalgia in popular music is nothing new. He paints

Mar 13 2010
03 13 2010
Dec 20 2009
12 20 2009

Official Music Video for The Ramones’ “Substitute”. Find it on the album, Acid Eaters.

Nov 23 2009
11 23 2009

Official Music Video for The Ramones’ “Touring”. Find it on the album, Mondo Bizarro.

Nov 22 2009
11 22 2009

Official Music Video for The Ramones’ “Poison Heart”. Find it on the album, Mondo Bizarro.

Mar 19 2002
03 19 2002

Teen idols, punks, a rhythm-and-blues crooner and a twangy guitar band — it wasn’t the current pop charts, but the 17th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Ramones-Pleasant Dreams-front
Oct 29 1981
10 29 1981

Pity the poor Ramones. Where once they led the charge of the punk brigade, da brudders four now eat the dust of ambulance-chasing snobs smitten by avant-funk, the new psychedelia

(1977) RAMONES - Leave home
Apr 07 1977
04 07 1977

These bands achieved their initial notoriety while playing in the same place (an esophagus of a bar called CBGB, in lower Manhattan) and have been lumped together with other habitués

Aug 12 1976
08 12 1976

Johnny Ramone claims it was an accident– that time he hit the student body president in the balls with his guitar and got an early incarnation of the Ramones banned

London New Years Eve 49702-098
Nov 07 1975
11 07 1975
Nov 07 1975
11 07 1975
Aug 15 1975
08 15 1975